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5594.Metal gardens construction 2018-2020

150 000€
5594.Metal gardens construction 2018-2020
location Uusimaa
area Metal Works , Construction
valid until: 28.09.17
added: 12.09.17

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Big Leads: The cost list is based, whether the work cost is more than 150 000 euros or less than 150 00 euros. The name “Künnisarv 150 000” means that the whole cost is more than 150 000 euros. On every list, there’s marked whether the cost is more than 150 000 euros or not. (Kansalliset Kynnysarvot Hankintalain § 25) – construction 150000.- OFFER YOUR PRICE!


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National Procurement 
Notification : Nurmijärvi Municipality: Aerial Works 2018-2020

Notification number at HILMA: 2017-019786

Requests to participate 28.9.2017 at 12 noon to:


Address to which tenders or requests to participate must be sent

See. contact details of the contracting entity

Nature of the contracting entity

Municipality or municipal federation

Type of Contract

Type of Contract

No works

The subject of the acquisition

Name of purchase

Aerial Works 2018-2020

Description of the acquisition

Hedge work in the properties of the Nurmijärvi municipality, most commonly used in metal-based fence models used in kindergartens and schools.

The prices are EUR / unit with the necessary basic work and breaks done with the necessary repairs, as well as travel costs for work in the area of ​​Nurmijärvi municipality.

The contract period is 1.1.2018 – 31.12.2019. The contract can be continued with a separate option for the period January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2020.

Within the scope of the framework agreement, procurement is made through separate orders as a result of this bidding, taking into account pricing and other terms taking into account the most economically advantageous supplier. In the alternative, purchases may also be made from other suppliers covered by the framework agreement if the primary supplier is unable to provide the required service or product under the terms of the contract or the subject of the contract is to be selected by another supplier for operational or timetable reasons. Where appropriate, a contract-based mini-competition may also be organized between the contract partners on small fence projects. A maximum of 3 contract contractors will be selected for the framework agreement.

The acquisition exceeds the threshold of Section 25 of the Procurement Act


The main target

Division Glossary Supplementary nomenclature
Installation of fences, railings and safety equipment. (45340000-2) Construction work: exterior (IA04-8)


Division Glossary Supplementary nomenclature
Installation of genuine fences. (45342000-6) Construction work: exterior (IA04-8), metal (AA01-1)

Main place of performance of the contract

Nurmijärvi (K543)

Duration of the contract

1.1.2018 – 31.12.2019

Procurement procedure

Procurement procedure

Restricted procedure

The framework establishes a framework agreement


Contributions are accepted


Alternative offers are accepted


Procurement is reserved for work centers or implemented in conjunction with work programs


Detailed terms of the procurement procedure

Requirements concerning the suitability of candidates or tenderers

Candidates are required to have sufficient financial and technical capacity to carry out the work, in terms of their size and quality, and have fulfilled their social obligations. In order to demonstrate the fulfillment of the conditions, the attestation of attendance must be accompanied by adequate attestations and explanations on the following issues:

  1. Obligations under the Subscriber Liability Act
  2. economic and financial situation
  3. technical performance, corporate references from metal-based real-estate installed in the last three years.

Certificates and explanations on the basis of which assessment of compliance is assessed

  1. Tilaajavastuu.fi or a company report printed out of the Construction Quality Report for Ry as an attachment notice. If the company is not registered with the above-mentioned services, to the notice to attach:

(a) An explanation of whether a pre-paid and an employer register, a certificate of payment of taxes or a tax liability certificate, or a statement that a payment plan for the tax debt has been made.

(b) Certificates for the taking of pension insurance and the payment of pension contributions or a statement that a payment agreement for outstanding pension contributions has been made.

  1. c) An explanation of the collective agreement or core terms of employment applicable to the work.
  2. d) Commercial Register.
  3. e) Certificate of the provision of statutory accident insurance.
  4. f) A statement on the organization of occupational health care.

(g) If the notifier is an external company, the reports and certificates must be submitted in accordance with the law of the place of establishment as registration documents or equivalent certificates translated into Finnish by the supplier of the declaration of participation. In addition, existing certificates of social security for posted workers must be submitted, once they begin work.

  1. Financial statements for the last two years. Candidates selected must have a turnover of at least EUR 250000 at least one of these years
  2. Company references from metal constructions. For these references, the number of subscribers per subscriber for each of the last three years must be specified by type of subspecies. References are scored for the following types of mounts and ports in place:

– wire mesh H = 1200 … 1250 mm, poles and aluminum mesh, 1 p / 10 m fence / delivery contract.

– wire grids h = 1500 mm, poles and mesh powder coated steel, 1 p / 10 m fence / delivery contract.

– access door h = 1200 … 1250 mm, width min. 1000 mm, poles and mesh aluminum, child resistant safety lock, 1 pcs.

– gateway h = 1500 mm, width min. 3000 mm, poles and mesh hot dip galvanized steel, latch + slot for padlock, 1 pcs.

Additional information on the procurement procedure

If the number of candidates meeting the eligibility criteria mentioned above exceeds 10, the selection of candidates shall be made on the basis of objective criteria based on the criteria for the technical performance referred to in section 3 “Applicability of candidates or tenderers”

Appropriate candidates are selected for a limited number


How many


The criterion of overall economic advantage

Best price / quality ratio


Comparison Criteria Below

  1. The contractor’s references of suitability requirements for the wire mesh (3) of item 3 (20)
  2. Aluminum mesh, h = 1200..1250 unit price specification (30)
  3. Steel wire mesh, h = 1200..1250 mm, unit price for the specification (10)
  4. Sum of unit prices for other bidding (40)

Tenders or requests for participation must be submitted to the contracting entity by no later than

28.9.2017 12.00

Tender validity period

Requests for participation must be submitted to the contracting entity either by letter or by e-mail with the attached attachment to 28 September 2017 at 12:00.

Tender calls will be sent to the selected candidates on 4.10.2017.

Tenders must be valid for 3 Kuupaketts from the end of the offer period.

More information

See. contact details of the contracting entity

Appeals information


Contact information and attached files:


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