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5585.Solar heating to the hospital

100 000€
5585.Solar heating to the hospital
location Vantaa
area Materials, Construction, Electrical, Plumbing
valid until: 14.09.17
added: 31.08.17

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National Procurement Notification: 
Vantaa City / Land Use, Construction and Environment: Procurement of the Katriina Hospital Solar Power System

Notice number at HILMA: 2017-019104

Bids on 14 September 201, at 0.00 , to:


Nature of the contracting entity

Municipality or municipal federation

Collaborative Procurement Unit


Type of Contract

Type of Contract

No works

The object of the acquisition

Name of purchase

Acquisition of a photovoltaic system in Katriina Hospital

Purchase identification or reference number


Description of the acquisition

The object of the acquisition is to supply a roof-mounted, solar photovoltaic power station to the Katriina Hospital on a turn-key basis. This item is currently under renovation. Structures that come to the roof must be presented in a bid and must be approved by the subscriber prior to the conclusion of the contract.

The acquisition exceeds the threshold of Section 25 of the Procurement Act


The main target

Division Glossary
Construction work. (45000000-7)

Main place of performance of the contract

Vantaa (K092)

Period of validity of the contract

15.9.2017 – 30.11.2017

Procurement procedure

Procurement procedure

Open procedure

The framework establishes a framework agreement


An electronic auction is used to compete


Contributions are accepted


Alternative offers are accepted


Procurement is reserved for work centers or executed in conjunction with work programs


Detailed terms of the procurement procedure

Requirements regarding the suitability of candidates or tenderers

The bidder must meet the requirements of the Local Liability Act and be creditworthy. The bidder must have sufficient experience of the corresponding deliveries (at least 5 items in the last 2 years) given the quality and scope of the item. Persons responsible for generating a project must have the appropriate training and experience in corresponding projects.

Certificates and explanations on the basis of which assessment of compliance is assessed

Subscriber Responsibility Report or equivalent separate certificates. Certificates must not be older than 3 Kuupaketts. The Company Reference should include the following information; The name of the object, the nominal power of the system, the completion time and the subscriber. The personal reference should include the person’s name, training, and objects that have been executed.

The criterion of overall economic benefit

The cheapest price

Tenders or requests for participation must be submitted to the contracting entity by no later than

14.9.2017 0.00

Appeals information


Contact information and attached files:


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